Inline skating


The slowUp route is flat and therefore well suited for skaters. The wide roads between Meilen and Rapperswil and between Schmerikon and Wurmsbach are particularly beautiful for skaters.

After the construction of the Kiebitzstrasse in Rapperswil we have optimized the skate route 2015 again.

The route for skaters is 29.2 km long (58.3 km if you return).

Between Rapperswil and Wurmsbach there are two skate routes marked with posters and signs:

Historic centre of Rapperswil

Marked alternative for skaters: Alpenstrasse (downhill, go slowly), Untere Bahnhofstrasse. The cobblestone paved Fischmarktplatz can be bypassed on the bike lane. Map

Beach path from Stampf Jona to Wurmsbach

Marked alternative for skaters: Kiebitzstrasse, Erlenstrasse (traffic control by traffic cadets), St. Gallerstrasse (narrow underpass, go slowly), Uznacherstrasse. This stretch is 1.2 km longer than the bike route in the direction of Schmerikon and 0.8 km longer in the direction of Rapperswil.

It is completely paved with asphalt and runs on the road or on the bike path. Map