Rental bikes

The official slowUp rental bikes can be found in the main festival squares in Meilen (Seestrasse between 595 and 604) and Rapperswil (Fischmarktplatz). The comfortable country bikes and e-bikes are available in various frame sizes, including children’s sizes, child trailers and trailer cycles.
Please contact Rent a Bike for reservations and information

Members "famigros", GA and Half fare travelcard
Will be given a 5 francs reduction on the hire of all kinds of cycle at the official slowUp hire station (tent), deducted from the normal tariff. Member card and travel card must be shown when collecting the bike.


  • Reserved bicycles must be collected by 12.00 noon, otherwise their availability cannot be guaranteed! Rented cycles can only be returned at the place where they have been collected.
  • Cyclists aged 16 and above may ride a slow e-bike without any form of licence. They may also be ridden by young people aged 14 or 15 who hold a category M driving licence (for motorised bicycles).

Terms of cancellations

  • There will be no charge for cancellations made online or by telephone before 5 p.m. on the Friday before each slowUp.
  • A full charge will be applied for late cancellations or where no cancellation is made.

Special vehicles for participants with a handicap
Reservations for Special bikes from Cerebral must be made by phone (up to Friday 5.00 pm) at Rent a Bike +41 41 925 11 70, pickup and drop off in Meilen.

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Bild Stand Rent a Bike


GA/Half-fare travelcard

Citybike | CHF 33.00

E-Bike | CHF 55.00

Countrybike mit Kinderanhänger | CHF 71.00

E-Bike mit Kinderanhänger | CHF 93.00

E-Bike Cargo Family | CHF 84.00

Special bikes for handicapped people| CHF 60.00

Bike for Children CHF 20.00


Regular prices

Citybike | CHF 38.00

E-Bike, special E-Bike | CHF 60.00

Countrybike mit Kinderanhänger | CHF 76.00

E-Bike mit Kinderanhänger | CHF 98.00

E-Bike Cargo Family | CHF 89.00

Special bikes for handicapped people | CHF 60.00

Bike for Children CHF 20.00

Children 16 years of age or less will be given a 50 percent discount on the normal tariff for a bicycle or mountain bike (not including e-bikes), if at least one parent rents a bicycle. (The parents will pay the basic price.) 

 Loan of helmets, including hygienic lining, costs CHF 5.- .