Its best to come from home under your own steam either on a bike or using inline skates.

by bike

Please use the detailed regional route network form SwitzerlandMobility



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by inline skates

Skaters that live along the route or come from the right bank of Lake Zurich or the Linth plane can skate to slowUp. It is also possible to use the Veloland routes for part of the way (unsurfaced track shown with a dashed line on the web map). Skaters that live farther away should go by railway or ferry to slowUp. Unfortunately, SwitzerlandMobility cannot provide any directions for skating to slowUp.

by ferry and boat

Lake Zurich ferries

To arrive at the Lake Zurich slowUp from the left bank (Thalwil - Pfäffikon SZ), the "swimming bridges", that is, the Lake Zurich ferries are the best option. The ferries will be running on the Sunday schedule for the Lake Zurich slowUp.

Adults and Children (6-16yrs) with bike CHF 5.-

Lac Zurich Boat Company

The boats of the Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (Lake Zurich Boat Company) will bring you over the water, up the lake or down the coast to slowUp. Or you can enjoy a ride with a glimpse at the ever. 

Please consult the timetable for possibilities of transportations of bikes.

The SBB Bike Day Pass ist valid on both companies.

by car

If possible, please do not come by car. Use Mobility-carpool or There will be a limited number of chargeable parking spaces, ranging from car parks to public parking spaces, in Meilen, Rapperswil, Schmerikon and along the route on Sunday.

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