The Zürichsee Region with the inviting Lake of Zurich surrounded by small Mountains offers a unique landscape for a varied slowUp in the heart of Region Lake of Zurich.

The 28 km slowUp route (56.4 km if you return) runs from Meilen, along the right bank of the lake, through Stäfa, to Rapperswil-Jona and into Schmerikon.

In Rapperswil, the route winds from Zürcherstrasse, through Cityplatz, veers right into the historic centre and continues all the way to Fischmarktplatz. After passing through the Seedamm tunnel, it follows the railway line on through the south end. Near the Stampf lido, the route divides for bicyclists and in-line skaters.

Keep to the right - you'll have traffic coming in the other direction the whole way. The route will be closed off and signs put up where necessary. Enjoy a few relaxing hours in the attractive surroundings of Lake Zurich.

For slowUp participants, the road will be available from 10 am to 5 pm. For cars, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds, the route is closed from 9 am to 6 pm.

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